DISC Alumni Gathering 2019

DISC Alumni Gathering 2019-1

DISC Alumni Gathering 2019

February 27, 2019

The alumni gathering for our graduated DISC Certified Behavioural Consultant was completed on 1st February, 2019. We spent a joyful and fruitful afternoon together and caught up with each other. Below are some of the contents from the alumni gathering we would like to highlight:

#1 Welcome Speech by Dr. Smith, our DISC assessment partner from PeopleKeys


Dr. Smith was excited to give a speech to our alumni and he is looking forward to help people improve their relationships by using DISC at our work and daily life.


#2 Alumni Guest Speakers


It was our honor to have Lois and Anthony to share their experiences using DISC in their profession.

[LEFT] Lois LAM, Chief Officer from The Hong Kong Council of Social Services – Shared her application of DISC Team Dynamics Report to enhance team performance.
[RIGHT] Anthony, Consultant from HR Solutions – Shared his experience using DISC as a framework to hold meetings more efficiently.


#3 DISC Labels

The DISC labels are released! Use them in training / event to recognize everyone’s DISC style at a glance! Inbox or email us to order them.
<<Exclusive to our CBC alumni only>>


#4 DISC Business Game


Are you looking for an activity that unveil characteristics of the four different DISC styles? We developed a business game for DISC and invited our alumni to experience its magic during the alumni gathering. The game is called “Partnership” and it will be officially launched in the summer of 2019. It is fun, interactive and full of learning points. The game will be beautifully designed with bits and pieces. What’s more, there will be a DISC style observation list and debriefing kit to help you realize the full potential of learning DISC through the game.
<<Exclusive to our CBC alumni only>>

Serious Learning Tool is our partner in developing the Partner$hip. Contact us if you are interested in using the Serious Game for your training programmes.


#5 Advanced DISC Programs

Many of our CBC asked for advanced programs that would benefit them in applying DISC. So, three different advanced DISC programs are being introduced and enrollment will be open in 2019! Each of the advanced program has a unique purpose and theme, aiming to provide more examples and tools in practice for our CBC.

i) Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst – For Teamwork and Motivation

ii) Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant – For Career Development / Career Counselling

iii) Certified Behavioural and Sales Consultant – For Selling



Visit the blog of PeopleKeys to check out more about our alumni gathering here



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