HOPE bring you around the World

HOPE bring you around the World-1

HOPE bring you around the World

July 14, 2019

“We must accept finite disappointment but we must never lose infinite hope”

-Martin Luther King JR.


Hope is an important essence to achieving our goals. As leaders, we shall always motivate our team towards challenging goals, going out of comfort zone. With hope, “impossible is nothing”. That’s why we designed a motivational leadership program with the H.E.R.O. model. Hope is the “H”, which is the starting point towards our goals.


Definition of HOPE by positive psychologist:

A positive motivational state where two basic elements – goal oriented determination and proactively planning to achieve those goals interact.


When we think of hope, we usually see it as a mental state that sometimes seems unrealistic. As psychologists defined, however, it also involves action taken to devise a game plan towards our desired goals. In the end, hope should grant us determination and motivation to make things happen!


Without actions, hope becomes dream that never comes true. Many of us “hope” to travel around the world, but 99% lack “proactive planning to achieve this goal”. The critical difference between success and failure is how you transfer “hope” from a positive mental state into proactive planning and action.


David Phillips, “the Pudding Guy” showed the world the power of hope by travelling to 43 different countries with a cost of only US$3,140. He did not travel alone. He even brought along his family, friends and even co-workers! How did he manage to do it? He started with buying pudding, in hope of winning flying miles!


In 1999, Healthy Choice was running a promotion offering 500 miles for each pack of 10 Healthy Choice bar codes (UPC) mailed in as proof of purchase. “The Pudding Guy” found some cheap Healthy Choice products and bought them in large volume. 12,150 individual servings of pudding, which only costed US$ 0.25 each. Moreover, he made it before the deadline of May 1999, winning the bonus from Healthy Choice, doubling his earned miles as a reward.


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