Taking the LEAP to success

Taking the LEAP to success-1

Taking the LEAP to success

December 3, 2019

This is a book review of LEAP, a narrative book of practical strategy executed by succeeding companies. In the modern world where everything can be copied, what can we learn from companies that have endured and transformed despite copycat followers?

As an individual, what can we learn from this book where jobs are being automated? How can we stay competitive in a jobless world?


The core concept of the book is the Knowledge Funnel, which resembles the one suggested in the field of design thinking and innovation:


LEAP knowledge funnel <> Design thinking knowledge funnel

  1. Craftsmanship <> Mystery
  2. Mass Production <> Heuristics
  3. Automation <> Algorithm


The secrets to be the market leader is always leap to a new knowledge discipline when the business knowledge funnel goes down to automation / algorithm. Craftsmanship / mystery create new markets and opportunities, which usually disrupts existing knowledge / business model.

The author cited Apple as an example, who leaped to the launch of iPhone. Before iPhone was launched, iPod was the best-selling products and generated huge amount of cash flow for Apple. Once iPhone was launched, it totally disrupted the iPod market. It was a bold and brave move led by Steve Jobs, which proved to be a genius strategy that enlarged and created a new market for Apple.


What does it mean to T&D industry?

In T&D, the traditional knowledge funnel is “training delivery”. As “training delivery” is a matured market, and with the rise of online knowledge base and e-learning, the funnel is going down to “automation” stage.

To leap forward, it is time to think about our new position and strategy as T&D professional. Ask yourself the below questions:

  1. What are the unexplored “mystery” in T&D?
  2. What can you do to leverage your strengths and develop craftsmanship to solve the “mystery”?
  3. What could be the new knowledge funnel? Do you possess the necessary knowledge and skills for this new knowledge funnel?


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