4 Goal Setting Tips for 2020

4 Goal Setting Tips for 2020-1

4 Goal Setting Tips for 2020

December 30, 2019

Towards the end of 2019, it’s time to review our progress and plan for year 2020. Goal setting is important for not only our career, but also mental well being. Psychologists found that people who set challenging goals and make progress continuously are happier in their lives.

Setting a goal is easy. Making and tracking progress, however, may be difficult. People easily give up and forget their set goals in 3-4 weeks. How can we set effective goals and keep ourselves devoted to them? Here are what psychologists say:

1. Set 3 goals at most
Stay focused and choose the top 3 that matters most. Do not be greedy. Say NO from distractions.

2. Expand your goals with new challenges
Our goals may become obsolete and too easy with progress. When achievements are made, we should aim higher to maintain the momentum of continuous improvement.

3. Focus on short-term goals
Long-term goals and big goals are overwhelming and easily make us give up. Split them into several short-term and small goals to make progress easier.

4. Regularly review your goals and progress
When we are busy working towards our goals. Progress gets distracted to the wrong directions. Daily / weekly reviews help ensure we are on the right track, investing energy and resources to the right place.

Start planning your 2020 goals with our tips now and aim for a fruitful year 2020! Go for your dream and make everyday count!




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