Letter to Our WPB5 Practitioners

PPL - SchoolPlace Big Five Profile 4.0

Letter to Our WPB5 Practitioners

April 28, 2023

Please be advised that Paradigm Personality Labs has officially retired the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile 4.0. Unfortunately, there is not enough demand at this point to turn the focus away from the positive impact the WorkPlace Big Five Profile continues to have on working adults. Paradigm is committed to finding a path to reignite the SchoolPlace in the future, but not in 2023.

In the interim, we advise certified consultants to consider using the WorkPlace Big Five Profile with older students as a proxy for the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile. The WorkPlace provides a robust, reliable measure of personality insights that cleanly map to the behaviors and traits of older students (as young as 17 years old) in their rich daily context. Most importantly, it’s about the conversation with students. As a coach, we suggest examining or reframing the relationship between the subtraits and personality, motivation, and achievement. In addition, context matters. Understanding trait variance (consistent, situational, or flexible) adds another layer of understanding a student’s trait scores.

If you have any questions or concerns on your current projects, please contact us for discussion and support.



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