Updates to Our WPB5 Practitioners

Updates to Our WPB5 Practitioners

May 1, 2024

Dear Certified Practitioners,

Over the years, Paradigm Personality Labs (PPL) has had several different looks and feels in both design and messaging. The company remains forward-thinking, yes, but more so, with people and what people need right now.

With the new and refreshed PPL website, you’ll experience:

 More lightness and brightness, shapes, color & texture – it’s fun to experience this new website!
 This website’s messaging is built to sound like a conversation between your organization, ours, and PPL – because we see this space as where we start the relationship.
 More information and resources to learn more about PPL and how they, along with us, can serve and support your organization and your leaders. Their personality assessments are just the beginning – explore their new website to see all the ways the WorkPlace Big Five Profile product suite can support you.

Explore the website here https://paradigmpersonality.com

We’re proud distributors of the new PPL!



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