Points of You®

Points of You®

The magic of Point of You is sparked by the fascinating combination of images, words and questions. Evoking your creativity and bringing together a whole world of associations, feelings and insights.

It fits into any coaching, counselling, therapy or development process, and by using them you can expand points of view and create meaningful dialogues and clarity.

What is Points of You®?

This Coaching Game is a powerful tool that boosts development and transformation. It offers an easy way to go surprisingly deep and get effective insights and results.

The combination of images together with words triggers right brain intuition with left brain logic, kick start a process of exploration, shift perspectives and make new significant connections.

What can You Do with This Coaching Game?

Guide others:

  • Go through a visual and well-structured observation process
  • Connect their logical and emotional parts by creating new meaningful links
  • Open up, communicate and express themselves through images and metaphors
  • Get clarity and insight about challenging issues and stressful situations
  • Focus on solutions and translate insights into an action plan

The Benefits

  • Explore and express inner thoughts and feelings
  • Inspire people to see things differently
  • Leverage your professional skills in facilitation, coaching and counselling

The Certification Program

Our certification programs are guaranteed to engage, inspire and be interactive.

Learn new ways to utilize visual stimuli and experiential learning methods into your one-on-one and group sessions.

Contact us for further understanding.

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Points of You®

What did our customers say?

"How to embrace, navigate and master CHANGE is an art. Be a CHANGE NAVIGATOR program widens my horizon towards Change Management. The program is pragmatic and the trainers, Fred and Simon are excellent and professional in engaging learners and linking up the models with the needs of participants. I would like to express my sincere thank and appreciation to the team in Distinctions Asia. Thank you very much!"

Learning & Development Manager, MSIG Insurance Hong Kong