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Today, there is a growing focus on leadership.  It is recognized that today’s business leader has the responsibility of bringing together the rational and the emotional as well as the content and the process elements of their organizations. This becomes necessary as they have to tackle head-on the difficult issue of business: how to fully develop the human capital – to consistently realize and release the full potential of the each individual, create an atmosphere of motivation, and direct the vision and energy of those who make up their work force.

With this focus on the development of leaders has emerged the activity of Executive Coaching, which first appeared in this form the early 1980’s. Although coaching is not a new concept, executive coaching has come to the forefront only in the last decade or so.


  • The development of optimal effectiveness in a leader and managerial role.  Executive Coaching is helping executives develop the capacity to define their own view of successful personal and corporate performance and strategy flowing from this.
  • As personal performance is improved, there is a correlated improved performance within the organization.

Coaching Approach

Aim – Change – Execute

This process helps the coachee to develop a detailed understanding of his/her situation and role, to articulate a personal and business strategy and to apply action arising from this process. The task of the coach is to help the individual adapt congruently and therefore creatively and innovatively to the challenges involved.

Coaching Process

There are 9 phrases  in the whole coaching program:

  1. “Connection” Conversation
  2. Pre-program Assessment
  3. Feedback and Insight
  4. Goal Setting and Individual Development Plan
  5. Pre-tripartite Meeting
  6. Coaching Support (5-6 coaching sessions)
  7. Post Assessment
  8. Wrap-up between Coachee and Coach
  9. Post-tripartite Meeting

Coaching Mode and Duration

The coaching can be done by face-to-face, phone or virtual meetings.

All phrases of coaching – for 6 to 12 months of between 20 to 24 hours of coaching

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"How to embrace, navigate and master CHANGE is an art. Be a CHANGE NAVIGATOR program widens my horizon towards Change Management. The program is pragmatic and the trainers, Fred and Simon are excellent and professional in engaging learners and linking up the models with the needs of participants. I would like to express my sincere thank and appreciation to the team in Distinctions Asia. Thank you very much!"

Learning & Development Manager, MSIG Insurance Hong Kong