Problem Solving & Decision Making

No matter what position we are, we are asked to solve problems and make several business decisions in daily work.

This workshop empowers participants to make better decisions by enlightening them on how to choose the most effective and appropriate decision-making styles for given situations.

Training Workshop Objectives

  • Be aware of the common problem and cause of failure in making right decision to solve right problem
  • Learn the own style of problem analysis and making decision with a reliable assessment tool
  • Acquire the reliable process and the tools for making decision

Workshop Highlights

  • Core traps of problem solving and decision making
  • 4-step Divergent-Convergent Problem Solving Model with 7 tools
  • People Matters for decision making with Decision Style Profile
  • Experiential task for problem solving and decision

Target Participants

All Employees

Workshop Mode and Duration

Face-to-Face / Virtual

1-day (recommended)

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

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"How to embrace, navigate and master CHANGE is an art. Be a CHANGE NAVIGATOR program widens my horizon towards Change Management. The program is pragmatic and the trainers, Fred and Simon are excellent and professional in engaging learners and linking up the models with the needs of participants. I would like to express my sincere thank and appreciation to the team in Distinctions Asia. Thank you very much!"

Learning & Development Manager, MSIG Insurance Hong Kong